Pathologic Tabletop is a collectible card RPG game developed by Ice Pick Lodge in partnership with CapsLock Games. It is expected to release simultaneously with Pathologic 2. Eligible backers from the Kickstarter funding project will receive the game as part of their package, after which the game will become available for retail purchase.

Official Overview

In a mysterious steppe town, a plague breaks out that seems to have a will of its own. It's merciless and deadly. Three healers challenge it: a learned Bachelor; the Haruspex, the son of a local shaman; and the Changeling — a half-deranged girl who claims to be a saint. Each of the three knows how to save the town, but their methods are incompatible. Will they overcome their differences for the greater good? Unlikely.

And yet they are the town's only chance. The disease cannot be shot, it cannot be overpowered. The only thing you can do is outplay it.

The Plague aims to kill several preselected victims before the healers fulfill their missions. This role will likely fit the players who prefer to be sneaky, stealthy, upset others' plans, be a one-person team, and generally play main villain.

Others become the healers. Each of them has their own strong suits, but none can overcome the Plague on their own — so they'll have to cooperate, forging temporary alliances and executing common strategies. But the game only has one winner, who gets everything — while the rest will have wasted their efforts in vain. Thus the healers' roles are most likely to be of interest to the players who like to negotiate, cooperate, break their promises, negotiate again, keep an eye on a lot of events unfolding in every corner of the map, and then break their promises once more.


Pathologic Tabletop was designed for 2-4 players with a session averging an hour. Up to three players can will take on the role of a healer while one player will become the Plague. The healers will attempt to preserve their Entwined (Wards) while the Plague tries to remove them, impeding healer progression.





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