Daniil Dankosky' - also known as the 'Bachelor' - is one of three playable characters in Pathologic. He is an expert on thanatology and was summoned to The Town by Isidor Burakh, who claims to have information that would help prove Daniil's research on death. He is also the playable character in Pathologic 2's playable demo Pathologic: The Marble Nest.

Daniil is short tempered and skeptical but is friendly to those who share his views. After earning a degree in medicine, he founded the Thanantica, the laboratory he and a few trusted friends used to study death. His goal was to find a way to reanimate dead tissue, and possibly restore it to it's pre-death form. Daniil learns of a man who is said to be 150 years old, living in The Town. He travels there hoping to find the answer to the man's apparent avoidance of death and use the information to save his laboratory from outside interference.

Daniil Dankosky uses a special 'Sighting Device' that allows him to detect contagious clouds of the Plague from a distance, allowing him to avoid it. He also carries Medical Gloves and a Scalpel but can use additional weapons as needed. He is able to fight in the Circle of Suok and gamble on the rat races. While his initial goal is to save his laboratory, he later assists with finding a cure for the Plague. The Bachelor leads The Utopians, one of the game's three factions. Those bound to this faction share his desire to save and preserve The Polyhedron.


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